What is a vRack?

The vRack or virtual rack allows multiple servers to be grouped together (regardless of
number and physical location in our datacentre) and connects them to a virtual switch within the same private network.
Your servers can communicate privately and securely between each other (within a dedicated VLAN.

You no longer need to worry about renting racks in a datacentre.
You can get all the servers and switches you need delivered and installed, with guaranteed hardware maintenance.

Your servers communicate securely within your private network (VLAN). You can choose to make your servers
solely accessible via your private network and/or via the public network. Your private network is physically
managed by us, so no software applications or network configuration are required on your servers.

Connecting your server

The Cisco ASR 9000 devices serve as a bridge for the vRack. They are at the gateway to each datacentre and
linked to each other in order to route the data without passing through the public network. The Nexus 6000s
and Nexus 2000s act as network gateways to interconnect your different servers.

ASR 9000

NEXUS 2000

NEXUS 6000

Inter-datacentre connections

With fibre optic interconnexions deployed and managed using DWDM devices, our network offers a total
capacity of 3 Tbps. The links between each datacentre are doubled so that they can easily change route if
necessary and benefit from 100 Gbps coherent

The network enables super-fast inter-datacentre links:
Roubaix => Beauharnois: 40 ms
Gravelines => Strasbourg: 9 ms

The vRack (virtual rack) technology enables your OBCloud services to be connected,
isolated or spread across one or multiple private secure networks

Build your private network
The vRack enables you to isolate your critical servers within a private VLAN. Your data is secure and communication between your servers is not routed via the public network.

Multiply your VLANs
Deploy up to 4000 private VLANs to isolate your servers, to filter customer access and secure your data.

A multi-service infrastructure
The vRack adapts to the needs of your business. Build your infrastructure using the products and services of our Infrastructure, Storage, Big Data and Private Cloud ranges.

High security infrastructure
Using bastion hosts or similar secures access to your VLANs to the maximum, as an extension of your company network or as part of a critical data hosting system.

Multi-datacentre VLAN
The vRack functions between the various OBCloud datacentres. From Europe to Canada, design your private redundant infrastructures distributed between multiple datacentres.

Which services can be connected using the vRack?

Services Dedicated Servers Private Cloud Public Cloud *
Ranges InfrastructureStorageHGHostingGPUEnterpriseSDDCAll products
vRack 10Mbps - - - INCLUDED - On some models - -
vRack 1 Gbps Included on some models Included on some models - As an option with some models - As an option with some models INCLUDED INCLUDED
vRack 3 Gbps - - - As an option with some models - - - -
vRack 10 Gbps Included on some models Included on some models Included - - - - -

Why you should go further with the vRack

Public IP routing
Allocate an IP block to a VLAN to make some of the servers or virtual machines in your infrastructure public.

Load Balancing IPs
Easily balance the load between the different services of your VLAN within the vRack.

Dedicated Connect
Dedicated Connect enables you to directly link your business network to our datacentres via the available PoPs.