Host your data in over 32
datacentre (PoPs) around the world

Security and performance, our advantages
OBCloud unique features ensure both high availability and maximum security.

Our global network

12 Tbps

Each of our data center and server farm are connected to a global network, which guarantees optimal latency and security..


Designed and managed internally, our backbone boasts the latests technologies available on the market and its capacity is continuously increasing..

32 PoPs

Our global network is fully redundant and offers 32 points of presence worldwide, delivering guaranteed bandwidth wherever you are..

Powerful anti-DDoS protection included

OpenBinacle Cloud also includes a protection against all types of DDoS attacks with all its services, which is a unique advantage on the market. We have setup four anti-DDoS infrastructures of 160 Gbps each across its data centers, allowing it to mitigate up to 640 Gbps, 24/7.

Services included with your server
Each server comes with one IPv4 address (purchase up to 16 additional IPs via your Control Panel). One time setup fee of £1.70 ex. VAT/IP
  • Anti-DDoS Pro included
  • 250 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth - Unlimited traffic
  • *1Gbps Burst
  • vRack included
  • Control Panel
  • Root access to the server
  • Support and SLA
Over 90 distributions (OS) which can be installed via the control panel.